Loftus and Palmer 1974

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1. Why might the students chosen to partcipate in the study be weakness

  • They may not have fully grasped the concept of this experiment and so may have wanted to sabotage it
  • They may not have been drivers themselves and so their estimate may not have been informed and so are likely to to be representative of many others within this circumstance
  • They can't read or write properly and so the answers given arent likey to have been legible forcing the researchers to make up the results
  • They're young and so are naive and may not know what to say
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2. What did the participants have to do once they had watched the film and provided their account of what happened??

  • Continue with their day to day lives, to be called back several weeks later
  • Take a nap
  • Fill out a questionnaire
  • Participate in an interference task

3. How many of the films used were staged?

  • 7
  • 4
  • 6
  • 2

4. Which two words from the first experiment were chosen for the leading questions within the questionnaire?

  • Bumped and Hit
  • Smashed and Hit
  • Smashed and Contacted
  • Bumped and Collided

5. What was the dependent variable?

  • The estimate of speed given
  • What words they chose
  • How many films they showed
  • How many cars were involved in the collision


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