Loftus and Palmer 1974

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1. A weakness of it being in a laboratory setting would be...

  • Demand characteristics
  • High ecological validity
  • Hard to replicate
  • Hard to control the ethics
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2. Which verb used gave the lowest mean estimate?

  • Contacted
  • Bumped
  • Collided
  • Hit

3. Their use of a laboratory setting was a strength because...

  • They were demand characteristics which is what they had initially stated they were looking for within their hypothesis at the start of their study.
  • They could be unethical and justify it for scientific research
  • They had clear controls such as all pps being asked identical questions. Their controls and documentation of the procedure meant that it was easy to replicate.
  • It meant that they were able to obtain ecological validity

4. Which two words from the first experiment were chosen for the leading questions within the questionnaire?

  • Bumped and Hit
  • Smashed and Hit
  • Smashed and Contacted
  • Bumped and Collided

5. In the second experiment, how many pps were used?

  • 125
  • 150
  • 354
  • 200


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