Local responses to global climate change

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1. Describe the local responses for CO2 by deforestation

  • Moniter the amount of paper made and limit
  • Recycling campaigns and allocation of urban and country parks to protect windlife
  • Plant more trees to replace the one being cut down
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2. Describe local responses for Methan/ landfill

  • wolverhampton has an incinerator to burn waste and reduce landfil
  • only put biodegradable materials in the landfill

3. Describe the local responses to methan/ landfill

  • Produce less rice
  • different bins provided to increase recycling
  • Use less rice

4. Describe the local response for CO2 emission by burning fossil fuels

  • Dont burn fossil fuels in power stations
  • Cut down less trees
  • Grants offered to people to have loft and cavity insulation
  • Use less resources


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