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A quiz on unit 2 Ict just to practise before exams

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1. What is malpractice?

  • Computing method
  • Breaking law
  • Bad practice but not illegal
  • A software for virus
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2. One of the factors of ICT is....

  • Experience
  • Environment
  • Hardware
  • Procedure

3. What is data?

  • The information put into a computer
  • The legal act that stops criminal
  • Raw figures and fact e.g 1234
  • Processed data with context and meaning

4. When designing a computer you should consider...

  • Experience
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Place of birth

5. Which principle is from the data protection act?

  • Data must be kept up to date
  • Data must be inside a box
  • Data must be neat
  • Data must be true


Mr A Gibson

10 quick questions which will make you think - use as a quick fire check with your friends...

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