Ling208 Phonology Lexis/ Semantics

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1. In terms of lexical constraints- what is mutual exclusivity?

  • children use cancellation techniques to figure out word meanings
  • if we already give the name of the whole, children then label the part of the object
  • children do not learn the name of detail until very late
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2. How many words does a 17 year old learn/ year?

  • 70
  • 10000
  • 1000
  • 50000

3. Over extension is:

  • the wrong ending is applied to a verb
  • a child refers to something as a word outside its category
  • a child uses a word in the incorrect context

4. Explain how phonological similarity aids word leaning

  • children like hearing similar words
  • words that are phonologically similar are more likely to be learned together
  • words that are phonetically similar are not learned together as it is a hindrance to learning

5. What is word organisation based on meaning?

  • words are organised through syntax cues and word boundaries
  • synonyms are acquired through association with different activities and co-occurance with accompanying speech, and associative links between words are an important role in retrieval of information
  • words are organised based on sound and then associated with meaning


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