Ling208 Phonology Lexis/ Semantics

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1. Why did Gentner claim nouns are easier to learn than verbs?

  • because they are conceptually easier
  • because they start with a capital letter
  • because children hear them more often
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2. Over extension is:

  • a child refers to something as a word outside its category
  • a child uses a word in the incorrect context
  • the wrong ending is applied to a verb

3. What is word association by form?

  • learning of words is not affected by transparency of meaning
  • learning of words is aided through the transparency of mapping form to meaning e.g. onomatopoeia
  • learning of words is hindered by its association to other things e.g. onomatopoeia

4. How is language used with activities?

  • the child talks during the activities
  • language serves as an accompaniment to each activity
  • it isn't

5. What are potential problems when it comes to word learning

  • children find word learning less entertaining than phonological cues
  • it is harder to learn words because they are conceptually more difficult than real objects
  • children have to label parts of objects, and they have to learn multiple labels for one and the same object
  • children do not like word learning


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