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2. What is thermal decomposition

  • When a substance heats up and breaks down
  • When a substance is heated to its highest melting point
  • When a substance is heated so much it disintorgrates
  • When a substance reaches 100 degrees centergrade

3. Calcium Hydroxide can be used to make limewater. how?

  • Dissolve calcium hydroxide in water
  • Heat calcium hydroxide in liquid copper
  • Mix calcium hydroxide with magnesium in a furncace
  • Heat the calcium hydroxidee in a limekiln

4. What is the balanced equation for the reaction of calcium oxide and water to produce calcium hydroxide

  • CAO + H2O -> CA(OH)2
  • COA + 2HO -> CA(OH)2
  • CaO + H2O -> Ca(OH)2
  • CaO + HO2 -> Ca(oh)2

5. What is the main substance in limestone

  • magnesium carbonate
  • calcium carbonate
  • sodium carbonate
  • copper carbonate


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