Resistance to the Nazi regime in wartime Germany, and background to Germany's role in WWII

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When did a German carpenter attempt to assassinate Hitler?
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When was the invasion of France?
(May) 1940
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Failed invasion of Russia?
Operation Barbarossa, in 1941, Summer uniforms and the strength of Stalingrad, and the Soviet's moving their key factories
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In which year did Germany invade North Africa?
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When did the Axis forces in North Africa surender?
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Give an example of German organisation of rationing to avoid the problems faced in WWI?
They even had Christmas rations, in 1942 every citizen recieved an extra 200 grammes of meat
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When did the German successes slow down, and concerns begin to grow?
Around 1941 onwards - defeat at Stalingrad heralded a major change.
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Give an example of one of the oneliners reported to the party chancellery in March/April 1943
"What's the difference between the sun and Hitler? The sun rises in the east, Hitler goes down in the East.
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How many homes were destroyed by allied bombing?
Nearly 2 million.
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Describe the successful resistance of the Catholic community in Bavaria.
Adolf Wagner demanded the removal of crucifixes from German schools, they resisted so much that Wagner overturned his order. Not an attack on the Führer
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Describe the successful challenge posed by an individual catholic.
Bishop von Galen successful opposed the T4 programme in the October of 1941.
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Did the left wing pose any successful resistance?
This is debatable, in Summer 1941 there were 89 opposition cells in Berlin, but organised opposition achieved very little. These organisations were swiftly crushed (shown through Rote Kapelle's destruction in 1942)
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How were the Edelweiss Pirates treated?
14 were executed in cologne
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What was the White Rose Group?
A student organisation led by Hans and Sophie Scholl, they distributed six anti-Nazi leaflets before someone informed the Gestapo, and the pair were executed.
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Name the largest group of conservative resistence.
The Kreisau circle
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Which bomb plot later in the period remains incredibly significant, and why?
Stauffenberg's bomb plot because Stauffenberg was a loyal Nazi who attempted to assassinate Hitler because he felt they were loosing the war
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How much of a threat did the army pose?
Less at the beginning of WWI especially as soldiers saluted Hitler himself. The potential threat of the army never fully formed.
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How much did output per worker of munitions increase from 1939-1944?
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Speer cut down the number of vehicles manufactured for war. Give the statistics for before, and after this change?
Originally 55 Speer cut this down to 14.
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When was the invasion of France?


(May) 1940

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Failed invasion of Russia?


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In which year did Germany invade North Africa?


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When did the Axis forces in North Africa surender?


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