Life After Death - R.E/S

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1. On what conditions are people sent to Purgatory?

  • If they are good Christians who have never sinned
  • If they are good Christians but have still committed some sins
  • If they have been good but are not Christian
  • If they are not Christian and have sinned too
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2. When do people move from Purgatory to Heaven?

  • Once they have been fully cleansed
  • Once they have turned Christian
  • Once they have convinced God that they are good
  • They aren't able to do so

3. What is the day that Jesus will return to Earth?

  • Parisia
  • Paradia
  • Parousia
  • Parody

4. Is it possible to move from Purgatory to Hell?

  • Only if the person is not Christian
  • No
  • Yes

5. Christians who have accepted Jesus as their saviour will...?

  • Become angels
  • Be sent to Purgatory
  • Go to Heaven
  • Receive eternal love


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