Libertarianism, free will and determinism

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Soft determinists
those who maintain that some human actions are determined, but that we still have moral responsibility.
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Hard Determinist
those who maintain that all human actions are effects caused by prior influences
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those who maintain that humans have the ability to act freely and are morally responsible for those actions
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Kant on free will
Believed that humans are free to make rational decisions.without freedom, the possibility of making moral choices is denied. this ability to freely rationalise, or reason, is what sets us apart from other animals.
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Butler on conscience
humans areinfluenced by two basic principles, self love and benevolence. conscience directs us towards focussing on the happiness or interest of others and away from focussing on ourselves.
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Conscience for libertarians
extremely important. when a human is forced to act against their will, a crime is done against all humans, not simply the individual.
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Roman Catholic view of consience
Adopted Aquinas' view that it is a deep sense of right and wrong from God.
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Newman on conscience
"i toast the Pope, but i toast conscience first"
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Freud on conscience
we are restricted in our actions because of conscience and guilt
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ignorance in free will
criminals who intend their crimes are punished heavier than those who commit unplanned crimes.
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self-restraint and will powers influence on free will
some people are simply more cautious and risk averse. they would like to do they thing they are tempted to do, but are to scared of the reprocutions.
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Mill on Libertarianism
individuals shouldnt be crushed by society.he felt that the strength and value of the community were provided by the value of the individuals within it.
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undetermined choice
libertarians. moral actions are not chance or random events, but result from the values and character of the moral agent
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conflict of free wills
my freedom to act may bring me into conflict with what you want to do.
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Genetic influence on free will
Gay and Crime gene? we dont fully understand how different combinations of genes might affect us.
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societies influence
groups may find themselves under social pressure to conform- Hippies, Gypsies and Amish
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Voltaire quote on determinism
"pear trees cannot bear bananas. the instincts of a spaniel cannot be the instincts of an ostrich. Everything is planned, connected, limited."
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Judeo-christian view of libertarianism
humans are free autonomous agents, responsible for their actions- genesis- the fall
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judeo-christian view of determinism
Pre-destination, suggest that humans dont have free will with regard to their moral or religious behavior.
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Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh views of libertarianism
free action is important if the cycle of rebirth can be broken through doing could and creating good karma.
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Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh views of determinism
freedom may be limited by the consequences of previous actions in previous lives.
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Islamic view of libertarianism
humans are agents of god and therefore have the capacity to act freely
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Islamic view of determinism
what happens occurs because it is Gods will that it should be. Nothing can happen without it being in accordance with Gods will.
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