Liberal reforms

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1. What did Labour exchanges (1909) do?

  • help unemployed sweep the streets
  • help unemployed find jobs (1913, 3000/day found)
  • helped unemployed find permanent job forever
  • helped people swap jobs they were bored with
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2. Who was helped by NIA part 2?

  • Unemployed in shipbuilding/construction
  • Unemployed
  • Employed
  • Employers

3. Who contributed to both parts of the NIA?

  • Workers, government and employer
  • Employer and government
  • Workers and employer
  • Workers and government

4. What did the Trade Boards act introduce? When?

  • Minimum wages 1909
  • Slavery 1909
  • Maximum wages 1911
  • Factory demolitions 1907

5. What was the People's Budget?

  • Budget to lower taxes
  • Budget to give people money
  • Budget to raise taxes and tax rich more than poor
  • Budget the people voted for to get free food


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