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2. How much would someone receive from the pension? A couple?

  • 5s/week, 7s6d for a couple
  • 7s6d/week same for a couple
  • 4s/week, 10s for a couple
  • 13s/week, 26s for a couple

3. What was the first reform introduced for children?

  • Children's charter
  • School Meals act
  • Free medical inspections
  • Borstals

4. Who published Poverty; a study of town life? When?

  • Charles Booth 1901
  • Charles Booth 1889
  • Seebohm Rowntree 1901
  • Seebohm Rowntree 1902

5. Who contributed to both parts of the NIA?

  • Workers and government
  • Workers, government and employer
  • Workers and employer
  • Employer and government


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