leisure and recreation

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what is leisure?
your free time in which you are able to pick what you do
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what type of leisures are there?
passive and active
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what is active leisure?
taking part in activities that involve extertion of physical and mental energy, often low-impact physical activities such as yogo or walking, but can be high impact such as aerobics or kick boxing
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what is passive leisure?
when someone does not exert any physical or mental energy, such as going to the odeon, watching television or playing video games.
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why is there more leisure time now?
higher levels of unemployment, a shorter working week, part-time and shift work, technological advances
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what is the leisure provision?
local authorities have legal responsibilities to provide leisure services, swimming pools, playing fields, sports centres etc.
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what is meant by recreation?
means relaxing and enjoying yourself
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what are the two types of recreation?
physical and outdorr
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what is physical recreation?
where you would opt to participate for intrinsic award and you would be aware of the health benefits you would be getting as an individual.
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what is an intrinsic award?
something that gives a person or individual an internal satisfaction achieved from doing something well
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what is an extrinsic award?
something that is done for a particular reward visable to others
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what is outdoor recreation?
has some degree of challenge, such as climbing, caving, water based activities. which involve you coping with the natural environment.
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how would you gain your maximum benefit from recreation and leisure time?
involve yourself in an activity that can be carried on throughout life.
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what type of leisures are there?


passive and active

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what is active leisure?


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what is passive leisure?


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why is there more leisure time now?


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