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2. Nice quote about defying the party line?

  • 'the battlefields of European politics are littered with the corpses of those who have defied the party line'
  • 'tend to vote for parties rather than people as they feel they are electing a government'

3. What are the objections to the view of MPs as passive?

  • deterrent effect and better influence behind the scenes
  • rise of third parties and nationalism

4. Which of the following is not, according to Thomas, a factor in the decline in the ability of the legislature to control the exectutive?

  • lack of 'elective dictatorship'
  • rise of media as a political actor
  • public disapproval of the legislature
  • emergence of disciplined political parties
  • growth of big government

5. Who said ' a govt with a parliamentary system is virtually certain of having at least 2/3 of all govt proposals enacted as law'?

  • Richard Rose
  • Philip Norton


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