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1. What did Thatcher say on the deterrent effect?

  • 'I would like to be tougher on public spending. But I have to do what I think will get through parliament'
  • 'MPs ought to do as they are told'
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2. What did Hamilton say the upper chamber afforded protection against?

  • 'an excess of law-making'
  • 'corruption and bribery'

3. Who said that the upper chamber forms a 'deliberative assembly of the nation' rather than a 'mere congress of ambassadors'?

  • Burke
  • Madison

4. What are Polsby's distinctions in reference to the legislature?

  • 'arena' and 'transformative'
  • 'active' and 'passive'

5. Why does Norton say that governments are most likely to fail in election years?

  • MPs defy the party line for personal gain
  • Voters are less confident in govt


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