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1. Nice quote about defying the party line?

  • 'the battlefields of European politics are littered with the corpses of those who have defied the party line'
  • 'tend to vote for parties rather than people as they feel they are electing a government'
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2. What are Polsby's distinctions in reference to the legislature?

  • 'arena' and 'transformative'
  • 'active' and 'passive'

3. What are the main advantages of open and closed lists respectively?

  • better quality MPs vs better party unity
  • freer choice vs better govt

4. Who said 'party is inherent in it, is bone of its bone and breath of its breath', about the HoC?

  • Walter Bagehot
  • Phillip Norton

5. What do Aldrich and Rohde say about the power of the party leadership?

  • 'members are more likely to entrust the party leadership with greater resources and stronger rules, on the condition that preferences are relatively homogenous within parties and relatively heterogenous between parties'
  • 'the larger the party membership, the weaker the leadership'


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