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2. According to Dworkin, where there is 'confusion about a statute or precedent, there are...?'

  • No rules for defining them
  • Various methods of interpretation open to the judges
  • Right and wrong ways to read them
  • Never any conclusive answers

3. According to Oliver Wendell-Holmes, who must we look at the law as?

  • The moral man
  • The bad man
  • The law-maker
  • The good man

4. What is the realist argument against rules have definitive outcomes?

  • The amount of rules means there is a large amount of support for both sides in a case
  • There is no consensus on what rules should contain
  • Judges will deliberately ignore some rules in favour of others
  • Rules are not always moral so outcomes are unfair

5. The judicial task originally involved...?

  • The mechanical, uncontroversial derivation of legal conclusions without regard to consequences
  • Going beyond their powers and making new Law where Parliament has failed to act
  • Using their own moral judgements to decide cases
  • Only applying the Law which is present in statutes


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