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2. According to Dworkin, where there is 'confusion about a statute or precedent, there are...?'

  • No rules for defining them
  • Right and wrong ways to read them
  • Never any conclusive answers
  • Various methods of interpretation open to the judges

3. '...' do not determine '...'?

  • Legal tests, moral rules
  • General propositions, concrete cases
  • Moral tests, legal rules
  • Concrete rules, general cases

4. What is the realist argument against rules have definitive outcomes?

  • There is no consensus on what rules should contain
  • The amount of rules means there is a large amount of support for both sides in a case
  • Rules are not always moral so outcomes are unfair
  • Judges will deliberately ignore some rules in favour of others

5. Who agrees with realists that 'rules are not always conclusive' but then says that 'some rules can have an agreed upon meaning'?

  • Llewellyn
  • Dworkin
  • Hart
  • Oliver Wendell-Holmes


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