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2. According to Oliver Wendell-Holmes, who must we look at the law as?

  • The bad man
  • The good man
  • The law-maker
  • The moral man

3. What is Hart's major criticism of Llewellyn's theory?

  • Eternal factors are explanations for judicial decision-making
  • It does not fit our legal practices
  • It leaves out the normativity of law as being guides to conduct
  • Precedents can be interpreted differently

4. Why does Jerome Frank believe that even if rules are clear, outcomes in cases will always be different?

  • Judges often disregard rules
  • The findings of judges cannot be predicted
  • Rules do not determine the outcome of a case
  • The rules may be clear but not be moral

5. According to Dworkin, where there is 'confusion about a statute or precedent, there are...?'

  • Various methods of interpretation open to the judges
  • Right and wrong ways to read them
  • No rules for defining them
  • Never any conclusive answers


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