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2. Who is the main proponent of Exclusive Positivism?

  • Hart
  • Kelsen
  • Raz
  • Dworkin

3. According to Raz, authority is justified if...?

  • The merits of a rule are examined and found to be moral
  • We are likely to comply with reasons that apply to us if we obey authority
  • Laws are made by the sovereign and not judges
  • Laws are prospective and not retrospective

4. According to Hart, what should judges consider as 'reason in itself to obey laws'?

  • They are standards of conduct
  • The fact that Parliament enacted the provision
  • The fact that a law is moral
  • They help maintain the structure of society

5. Hart disputes Dworkin's views on morality being controversial by claiming that...?

  • People's ideas of what is moral differ in society
  • Moral questions never have a correct answer
  • Moral tests can provide public standards of conduct and some moral questions are easy
  • Morality is a universal view which cannot be disputed


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