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2. Why is Hart's theory superior to Austin's 'brute force' theory?

  • It challenges how brute force can effectively enforce standards of conduct
  • It explains laws way of making conduct non-optional by contrast with brute force
  • It explains the relevance of brute force when enforcing laws
  • It provides a greater deal of evidence as support for the brute force theory

3. According to Raz, what is inconsistent with the nature of law?

  • The separability thesis
  • Moral tests
  • Judge-made law
  • Procedurally defective law

4. Inclusive Positivism disagrees that legal reasoning is purely...?

  • Deductive
  • Factual
  • Inductive
  • Moral

5. What do Inclusive Positivists say about the rule of recognition?

  • There are no boundaries on it
  • It must be moral
  • It changes with time
  • It cannot always be moral


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