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2. Who said that the validity of Law comes from a chain of unbroken norms?

  • Kelsen
  • Raz
  • Austin
  • Hart

3. According to Hart, what should judges consider as 'reason in itself to obey laws'?

  • They help maintain the structure of society
  • The fact that Parliament enacted the provision
  • They are standards of conduct
  • The fact that a law is moral

4. According to Exclusive Positivists, if the '...' of a rule must be examined, it cannot function as '...'?

  • Background, Persuasive
  • Morals, Law
  • Merits, Authority
  • Source, Law

5. Who is the main proponent of Exclusive Positivism?

  • Hart
  • Kelsen
  • Raz
  • Dworkin


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