LEDC Climatic Hazard - Cyclone Sidr

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Name & Locate
Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh (Dhaka and Chittagong), Asia, Northern Hemisphere
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Moisture source and heat
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Depth of Moisture Source
60m (Bay of Bengal)
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27 C (sun rays more concentrated)
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Speed of Winds
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Social Impacts
4,000 - 10,000 people died; 1,000 fishermen missing; millions at risk of water borne diseases; villagers fought over rice and water rations
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Economic Impacts
Major port region in Chittagon closed; food prices spiralled; schools and business closed; internation airport in Dhaka closed; 95% rice crops and shrimp farms destroyed along coastline
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Environmental Impacts
Wooden home along coast washed away/blown down; mangrove forest reserve for Tigers damaged; 500,000 homes destroyed; 60-80% trees uprooted in coastal areas; roads/railways blocked by debris; phone/electricity lines damaged or brought down
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Why it was So Severe
Economic status - limited cash, primary industry crops destroyed so no food; lack of resources - poor hazard management; poor living conditions - houses easily destroyed, many people left homeless; limited cash prevents quick recovery
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Management - Before
Early warning system, evacuation, storm shelters, houses built on stilts (floods), 'red flag' warning
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Management - During
Stay calm, listen for updates, stay inside
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Management - After (ready for next time)
Early warning system - satellites and pressure changes
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Moisture source and heat



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60m (Bay of Bengal)


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27 C (sun rays more concentrated)


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