Lecture 15: Web Testing

1. What is a unit? (Unit & Modules)

  • All of the options.
  • Unit is the smallest testable piece of code (a method, function or class).
  • Units can have several inputs but a single output.
  • They may not have meaning in contect of a specification.
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2. I am the smallest testable piece of code, I sometimes don't have meaning in the context of specification. What am I?

  • A unit.
  • A module.
  • Neither.

3. Which of these are examples of Formative Usability Testing?

  • All of the options.
  • Heuristic Evaluation - Expert using a set of well established guidelines/principles (known as heuristics) to inspect the interface of a system.
  • Think-Aloud - Encouraging users to 'speak out' their thoughts when doing tasks.
  • Cognitive Walkthrough - Expert role-playing users to do tasks to simulate their problem solving process.

4. What is Usability Testing?

  • There are 2 kinds of usability testing: formative & summative.
  • All of the above.
  • A type of validation testing, part of quality assurance but should be considered throughout the entire development.
  • Web usability testing is usually focused on look & feel, user journey & navigation of the site.

5. Why should you consider the Device (i.e., mobile device) as a factor for testing??

  • UK is a smartphone society - 33% of internet users see their phone as the most important device for going online. (2015 Communication Market Report)
  • Technology blurs the lines between work & home life.


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