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When did the Chin Dynasty rule?
221-206 B.C
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When did the T'ang Dynasty?
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When was the Northen Sung Dynasty?
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When did the Southern Sung Dynasty Rule?
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When was the Yuan Dynasty ruling?
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When was the Ming Dynasty?
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When was the Ching Dynasty?
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Why did the Qing dynasty fall?
Declining power of the imperial bureaucracy, Foreign threat, Internal Rebellions
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When were the Opium Wars?
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How did they contribute to the fall of the Qing Dynasty?
The chinese Authorities burned 20,000 bales of opium, and the British retaliated with a devastating invasion of mainland china. The Qing Dynasty lost and Britain imposed unequal treaties and took control of the Hong Kong region
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What happened to foreign powers which influenced the fall of the Qing Dynasty?
The foreign powers essentially controlled trade and the military, although technically they remained part of Qing China. The balance of power had tipped decidedly away from the imperial court and towards foreign power
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What was the Boxer rebellion?
Chinese peasants raise a huge antiforeigner movement in 1900, joined with the Qing armies and unable to defeat them.
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What did Qing ban?
Banned Revolution from their world history books in 1896
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What was the final fall of the Qing Dynasty?
Wuchang Uprising of 1911: 18 Provinces voted to sucede from the Qing dynasty.
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When did Puyi, the last emperor abdicate?
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Who was Lin Zexu?
He was a chinese Scholar official of the Qing Dynasty best known for his role in the first Opium war 1839-1842
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What was Lin's foreful opposition to the opium trade the main cause of?
The opium war of 1839-1842
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Who was Xiuquan?
He was a Hakka Chinese leader of the Taiping Rebellion against Qing Dynasty .
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What the Taiping Rebellion?
Taiping civil war, massive rebellion in China that was waged from 1850 to 1864 vetween Qing Dynasty and Taiping Heavenly Kingdon under Xiuquan
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What did Xiuquan name himself as?
Heavenly King, Self proclaimed Brother of Jesus Christ
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What was the one hundred Day reform?
It was a failed 104 day national, cultural, political and educational reform movement from 11th June to 22nd September 1898 in the late Qing Dynasty China
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Who was the petition to?
Guangxu Emperor for major changes to examination system, new schools and university
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The Boxer rebellion took place in?
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Where did it take place?
Shandong, just south east of Beijing, after famine
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Anti-foreign sentiment co-opted by who?
Empress Dowager Cixi, who declared war on Foreign powers in 1900
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Result was defeat for china which lead to?
Imposition of massive reparations that caused financial problems for the Qing Govt.
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Reaction to Boxer rebellion was ?
Series of reforms in 1905
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What was abolished in the reforms of 1905?
2,000 year old examination system abolished, new schools and unviersity, modernisation of military, legal reforms and some steps toward constitutionalised made
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Anti-Manchu sentiment developed in?
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What did Sun Yatsen set up?
Revolutionary Alliance in Japan and spent most of decade raising money.
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What was revolution led by?
Reofrmist elite, who pushed for more power in assemblies that were being set up across China.
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How old was Cixi when he came to power?
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