Chapter 1

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1. Although Roberta just sits there throughout the lecture, she can repeat everything the professor said. This is an example of _______

  • Intelligence
  • Latent learning
  • Echoic memory
  • Photographic memory
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2. John Locke;

  • Maintained that all knowledge is a function of experience
  • All of the above
  • A British empiricist
  • Believed the new-born mind was a blank slate
  • Believed in the concept of 'tabula rasa'

3. Plato was a...

  • Annoying person
  • Structuralist
  • Empiricist
  • Evolutionist
  • Functionalist
  • Nativist
  • Interactionist

4. Which law of association involves two entities being related by being close together?

  • The Law of Frequency
  • The Law of Similarity
  • The Law of Contiguity
  • The Law of Close Proximity

5. Structuralism theorises that;

  • Different stimuli appeal to different structures within the brain system
  • The mind consists of various elements and can be studied through introspection
  • Conscious experience is difficult to study ourselves and subjective experience should be disregarded
  • Different parts of the brain contribute to different behaviours


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