Unit 2

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1. What is Conformity?

  • Not being able to fit in with people around you
  • Matching your behaviours to fit in.
  • Making hard decisions
  • Changing the way you look because of other people's comments
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2. What is obedience?

  • Changing your behaviour to fit in
  • Conditioning through reinforcements
  • Punishing people to make them understand something is bad
  • When people take orders off of someone of a higher authority then yourself
  • Taking precautions to stop yourself being hurt

3. What is Classical Conditioning?

  • Learning through change
  • Learning through association
  • Learning through hope
  • Learning through pain

4. Who put a cat in a box?

  • Skinner
  • Thorndike
  • Pavlov
  • Watson and Rayner

5. 'Face your phobia straight up' - Which behavoiur therapy is this describing?

  • Flooding
  • Systematic Desensitisation
  • Token Economy
  • Aversion Therapy


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