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2. Cyclin A/CDK 2 complex is inhibited by?

  • p21, p26, P56
  • p19, p21, p27
  • p21, p27, p57
  • p16, p18, p19

3. Which complex drives the cell cycle from G1 to S phase?

  • Cyclin E/CDK2
  • Cyclin D/CDK4
  • Cyclin A/CDK2
  • Cyclin D/CDK6

4. which molecule is known as the guardian of the genome and prevents damaged cells from dividing through p21 and cyclin?

  • p27
  • p57
  • p53
  • p19

5. Which phase does DNA content increase?

  • M phase
  • G0 phase
  • S phase
  • G1 phase
  • G2 phase


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