LBJ social divisions/protests 1963-1968

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What did Kennedy's death fuel the emergence of?
A counterculture
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What was this counter culture fed by?
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What did Kennedy's policies lead to students becoming?
More politicised
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What were most students engaged with?
Civil rights demonstrations in the south
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Who was the most sought out speaker?
US presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.
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What percentage of students identified as part of the 'New Left' movement?
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What happened at Columbia University in 1968?
Students barricaded themselves into the president of the university's office.
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In the first half of 1968, how many major demonstrations at universities were there?
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What did the youth protest of 1968 campaign about?
*Civil rights movement
*War in Vietnam
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What did students criticise about education(universities mainly)?
*Teaching methods
*Gaps in curriculum
*Absence of black studies programmes
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What music artists had been prominant?
Johnny Cash
Elvis Presley
The Beatles
Rolling Stones
The Who
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What events had begun to influence culture?
Music festivals - Woodstock
'Summer of Love'
Flower power
******* - sex, drugs
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What happened as a result of music, art, drugs, sex, films, etc.?
A generation gap
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What did Alice Rossi suggest about the feminist movement?
There was no 'feminist spark'.
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What books were widely sold?
1962 - Helen Gurley Brown - Sex and the Single Girl = 2 million copies
Betty Friedan - Feminine Mystique = 1.4 million paperbacks
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What was the ruling of Griswold v Connecticut 1965?
Contraception ban overturned = access to contraceptive pill made available.
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Who founded NOW?
Betty Friedan, Anna Roosevelt Halsted, Shirley Chisholm and 25 others.
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How much did NOW win back for women from companies who ignored the Equal Pay Act of 1963?
$30 million
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What did 'Radical Women' picket in September 1968?
Miss America Beauty Pageant - crowned a sheep as Miss America and said they wanted it abolished.
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What was 'bra burning'?
Protesters discarded items of female oppression, including dishcloths, bras, ******* copies, make up, etc.
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What did radical feminist Valarie Solanos found?
the society for cutting up men
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How did the feminist movement effect the civil rights movement?
It took away attention from civil rights.
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What was Executive Order 11375?
Added 'sex' to the list that you cannot be discriminated on.
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What did Stokely Carmichael form?
Lowndes County Freedom Organization
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What was their emblem?
Black Panther
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Who was elected head of the SNCC in May 1966?
Stokely Carmichael
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What did Stokely Carmichael do to the SNCC?
Began to radicalise it.
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What chant was taken up in the 1966 Meredith March?
Black Power
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What was the positive side of the black panthers?
Black people began to celebrate their heritage, many young people began wearing their hair in the afro style.
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What did Roy Wilkins describe black power as?
The mother of hatred and the father of violence.
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Who were the founders of the black panthers?
Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
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What tactics did the black panthers use?
Aggressive rhetoric, intimidating paramilitary style uniform and staged media attracting stunts to gain attention.
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What was the black panther's most notable act?
Invading the California State Assembly Chamber armed with guns to protest the 1967 Mulford Act.How
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How did J Edgar Hoover describe the panthers?
As the greatest internal threat to the security of the USA.
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How did the black panthers help with aid programmes?
*Offering free breakfasts
*Free health clinics
*Legal advice to ghetto communities
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What happened at the Olympics in Mexico?
Tommy Smith and John Carlos fist salute for the black panthers.
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Who led the initial Vietnam war protests in 1964?
(Anti war protests)
Students from the Progressive Labour Party and Young Socialist Alliance.
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What happened on 12 May 1964?
(Anti war protests)
Young men in New York publicly burned their draft cards
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What did Congress do after the draft card burning?
(Anti war protests)
Made it illegal for anyone who 'knowingly destroys, mutilates' the card.
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What did the SDS organise in 1965?
(Anti war protests)
A 'teach-in' at the Uni of Michigan.
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What did Norman Morrison do in protest?
(Anti war protests)
Stood outside the window of Robert McNamara and burned himself to death.
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What did Muhammad Ali do in protest?
(Anti war protests)
Refused the draft.
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What did the amount of students at Johnson's public appearances increase to?
(Anti war protests)
5000 a month in 1965 to 50,000 in 1967.
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What happened in October 1967 in Washington?
Largest rally yet - 70,000 anti war protesters = 625 arrests.
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By 1968, how many households had a coloured tv and how many sets had been sold in the US?
100 million sets
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What was the result of increased media coverage and more tvs in homes?
TV news focused on the sensational and controversial, giving more time to civil rights and feminist protests, to the war in Vietnam and the protests against it.
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