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2. Which one of these are not part of the Health and Safety Act?

  • It is the government's responsibility to protect workers
  • Employers must give breaks and maintain toilets etc
  • To protect workers is the employees responsibility
  • Employers must provide a written safety policy

3. What does the Race Relation Act of 1976 say?

  • You have to pay all races differently
  • You can't discriminate someone if they have a disability
  • Stop one race or ethnic origin being treated differently
  • You can't discriminate someone because they don't speak the same language as you

4. Which of these people is entitled to minimum wage?

  • The armed forces
  • A trainee
  • The self-employed
  • A volunteer

5. What is the name of the act which means men and women have to be treated equally?

  • The Disability Act of 1995
  • The Sex Discrimination Act
  • The Equal Treatment Act
  • The Equal Pay Act of 1970




A brief but useful test replicating the type found in the Edexcel GCSE exam. Students could devise tests like this for each other as well as completing this one.

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