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2. What is the actus reus of assault?

  • Resist arrest
  • Causing fear of immediate unlawful force
  • To wound someone
  • To steal

3. In Negligence, where did the three part test come from?

  • Pagett
  • Caparo v Dickman
  • Ireland
  • Donoghue v Stevenson

4. What is the mens rea of GBH s.18?

  • Intention to prevent arrest
  • Specific intention to cause grievous bodily harm and resist or prevent arrest
  • Intention to cause harm
  • Recklessness to causing harm

5. Which court would be used for property damage up to £25,000

  • County Court
  • County Court or High Court (Claimant decides)
  • Crown Court
  • High Court


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