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2. What does the term 'res ipsa loquitor' mean?

  • Mental element
  • Things speak for themselves
  • On the balance of probabilities
  • Innocent until proven guilty

3. In Negligence, where did the three part test come from?

  • Ireland
  • Pagett
  • Caparo v Dickman
  • Donoghue v Stevenson

4. What is Arbitration?

  • Something that the Crown Prosecution Service deals with
  • An aim of sentencing that protects the public
  • A form of ADR where the parties let a neutral 3rd party make a binding decision
  • A form of ADR where the two parties resolve their dispute

5. What section and act does assault occasioning abh come under?

  • S.32 Criminal Justice Act 1972
  • S.47 Offence Against the Person Act 1861
  • S.32 Criminal Justice Act 1988
  • S.39 Offence Against the Person Act 1863


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