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2. What is consolidation?

  • Presenting suggestions for the removal of old Law which is no longer necessary
  • Providing suggestions for changes and improvements to the Law
  • Bringing together Laws spread out over Acts of Parliament and consolidating it into a single document
  • Creating a single Act of Parliament from Laws made by judges over hundreds of years

3. What is the Role of the Law commission? - Section 3(1)

  • "To watch the other things being said"
  • "To state what the Law is"
  • "To keep under review all the Law"
  • "To watch over Parliament"

4. The Green Paper is used to..

  • Outline policy proposals
  • Set out Government firm plans
  • Explains the different types of Bills
  • Talks about the current issues

5. What are Laws made by Parliament?

  • Acts of Parliament
  • parliament Laws
  • Laws of Parliament
  • Parliament Acts


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