Law- UK Legislation system

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1. What is a Private Bill?

  • A Bill which only affects a certain amount of the population
  • A Bill introduced by the government but doesn't affect everyone
  • A Bill which affects everyone
  • A Bill introduced by 'backbench' MP's to highlight concern
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2. The Bill of Rights 1989 deemed Parliament to be the..

  • Highest appeal Court
  • Right to bind future Parliament
  • Supreme Law maker
  • Monarch

3. What is repeal?

  • Bringing together Laws spread out over Acts of Parliament and consolidating it into a single document
  • Presenting suggestions for the removal of old Law which is no longer necessary
  • Providing suggestions for changes and improvements to the Law
  • Creating a single Act of Parliament from Laws made by judges over hundreds of years

4. What are Laws made by Parliament?

  • Acts of Parliament
  • Laws of Parliament
  • Parliament Acts
  • parliament Laws

5. What is an insider pressure group?

  • They campaign for a cause
  • They have direct access to MP's
  • They don't have direct access to MP's so have to campaign
  • They campaign for a section of society


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