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1. What is the difference between s91(a) and s91(b) of the theft act

  • s91b includes gbh s91a does not
  • s91a is intent before in the building, s91b is when you're in there
  • s91a includes stealing s91b does not
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2. What is battery?

  • the application of unlawful force on another
  • electrical power
  • deliberately reckless causing someone to fear violence

3. What 3 things do you need for mens rea of making off without payment?

  • trespasser, dishonest, insane
  • Dishonest, knowledge that payment on spot was required&intention to avoid payment
  • inflict gbh, dishonest, steals
  • Dishonest, insane, knowledge that payment on spot was required

4. What is voluntary manslaughter?

  • Murder charge where a special defence has been accepted
  • no intent to kill or serious injury
  • a murder charge that is found guilty
  • they deliberately hurt them and they live

5. What is the highest level of mens rea?

  • specific intention
  • strict liability
  • recklessness


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