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2. What happened in Morrison?

  • Grievous means 'really serious'
  • 15 year old put acid into hand and face dryer. V used the dryer and his face was permanently scarred.
  • Had intention to resist arrest but was reckless as to whether his actions would wound or cause GBH which is enough for S.18?
  • 'The injury should not be so trivial as to be insignificant'

3. It is not necessary to prove that the D's act was a 'substantial cause' of the wound or GBH

  • False
  • True

4. AR

  • D unlawfully and maliciously wounds or causes GBH
  • D unlawfully and maliciously wounds or inflicts GBH

5. MR - '___' - was the D's purpose, he foresaw this as a virtual certain consequence of his actions

  • Intention
  • Recklessness


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