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2. The CA guidelines if the D is denying D I: ' The jury should be directed that they are not entitled to infer the necessary oblique intent unless they feel that -Death or serious harm was a virtual certainty - D appreciated that such was the case

  • True
  • False

3. Indirect.Oblique Intent - the consequence was not the purpose of the defendants actions

  • True
  • False

4. The MR of murder is...

  • Intended to cause grievous bodily harm
  • Recklessly caused grievous bodily harm
  • Intended to kill or cause grievous bodily harm
  • Reckless to kill or cause grievous bodily harm

5. D was driving his car, was ordered to stop by a policeman. He failed to do this so the policeman jumped on the bonnet of his car, D swerves and sped off to avoid the policeman, he was thrown off and killed.

  • Woollin 1998
  • DPP v Smith 1961
  • Nedrick 1986
  • R v Matthews & Alleyne 2003


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