Law -criminal process

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1. examples of summary offences are..

  • murder, man slaughter and robbery
  • driving without insurance, common assault and criminal damage under £5000
  • theft and assault occasioning actual bodily harm
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2. what is 'EAH' the abbreviation of?

  • Early Administrative Hearing
  • Early Admin Hearing
  • Early Authority Hearing

3. what does a 'mode of trial' proceeding establish?

  • establishes wether theres a valid requests for bail
  • establishes details of the case and how it will be carried out i.e. pre sentence reports, medical reports etc..
  • establishes the location of the trial in an either way offence
  • establishes the length of the trial and witness and advocates used in trial

4. in which category of offence is it possible for the defendant choosing between two courts?

  • indictable offences
  • either way offences
  • summary offences

5. in which category of offence would you get an 'arraigment'

  • Indictable
  • summary offences
  • Either way offences


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