Law -criminal process

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1. examples of summary offences are..

  • murder, man slaughter and robbery
  • driving without insurance, common assault and criminal damage under £5000
  • theft and assault occasioning actual bodily harm
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2. who can decide wether or not to grant bail?

  • The police
  • The Police and The Court
  • The Court
  • A Jury and The Court

3. what does a 'mode of trial' proceeding establish?

  • establishes the location of the trial in an either way offence
  • establishes the length of the trial and witness and advocates used in trial
  • establishes wether theres a valid requests for bail
  • establishes details of the case and how it will be carried out i.e. pre sentence reports, medical reports etc..

4. in which category of offence is it possible for the defendant choosing between two courts?

  • indictable offences
  • either way offences
  • summary offences

5. What is an Arraignment?

  • A pre hearing - predatory hearing
  • where all charges are read out and defendant is asked to submit plea if plea not guilty then it determines issues on points of law length of trial
  • A pre trial hearing in the magistrates court where decisions including legal funding , bail and requests for medical or presentences reports are made
  • A plea and direction hearing


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