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2. What is discretionary excusal

  • Its where you can't attend jury service e.g if you have a new born baby or suffering from a disability whih makes jury service impossible to get to on that day, you will be excused and a later date will be chnaged for 12 months or more
  • its where you are excused
  • changed to a different date
  • date moved

3. Would you need to be on the electoral register to do jury service

  • maybe
  • you dont have to be
  • yes
  • no

4. If you are mentally ill can you be a juror

  • maybe
  • you can if you get a note from your doctor
  • no you are excused for life
  • yes you can

5. What are one of the main qualifications you need to do jury duty

  • under 60
  • 18-60
  • You need to between the age of 18-70
  • 0ver 18


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