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1. What was the job of the Aedile? What was the minimum age and how many positions yearly?

  • Public services such as buildings or health, 36 yrs, 4 positions
  • Head of Senate + leading the army, 39 yrs, 2 positions
  • Financial administration, 28 yrs and 20 positions
  • Law and Order, 37 yrs, 6-8 positions
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2. Who was Hannibal

  • A general of Rome
  • A Carthaginian general who marched elephants across the alps and battled rome with them, knowing the romans had never seen elephants and would flee or be crushed. He was stopped when Rome attacked Carthage.
  • A Carthage ruler
  • A Roman ruler

3. When did the Punic Wars take place?

  • 0349 and 435 BC
  • 1287 and 1324 AD
  • 264 and 218 BC
  • 1637 and 1745 AD

4. What was the prophecy made about his descendants?

  • That his descendants will be wealthy
  • That his descendants will die
  • That his descendants will establish a great empire
  • That his descendants will be great generals

5. Who were Romulus and Remus and why were they important?

  • Two enemies who fight against each other for Rome
  • The sons of the queen of the Latins- demi gods descended from Jupiter, who build Rome but fight, leaving just Romulus alive.
  • The sons of an architect responsible for much of the building of Rome
  • Two important Roman generals responsible for many Roman wars


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