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2. What were the long-term effects of the Punic Wars on Rome?

  • Rome collapsed
  • Rome got insanely rich
  • Rome got a lot more trade- the rich with things to trade got even richer
  • Rome stayed the same

3. What was the job of the Aedile? What was the minimum age and how many positions yearly?

  • Law and Order, 37 yrs, 6-8 positions
  • Head of Senate + leading the army, 39 yrs, 2 positions
  • Public services such as buildings or health, 36 yrs, 4 positions
  • Financial administration, 28 yrs and 20 positions

4. Why did Rome and Carthage fight?

  • Because Rome wanted Carthaginian land
  • Because Carthaginian control of Sicily means attack and defence is easy, as well as trade interception, for Carthage
  • Because Carthage wanted money from Rome
  • Because the Roman king had killed the old Carthaginian king

5. What was the prophecy made about his descendants?

  • That his descendants will be wealthy
  • That his descendants will establish a great empire
  • That his descendants will be great generals
  • That his descendants will die


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