Latin GCSE Vocab Test

A quick multiple choice quiz testing your Latin Vocabulary needed for GCSE Latin Language papers.

Taken from the OCR J281 Defined Vocabulary List. Lower and Higher Tier Vocab.


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  • Created by: latinian
  • Created on: 15-06-11 13:20
  1. abesse

  2. coepi

  3. auferre

  4. exercitus

  5. iter

  6. forte

  7. occidere

  8. paene

  9. postea

  10. rapere

  11. profiscior

  12. quando

  13. quidam

  14. verti

  15. simul

  16. sequor

  17. victus

  18. altus

  19. cado

  20. diu

  21. reddere

  22. qui

  23. liberi

  24. malle

  25. tuli



A concise, yet tricky test which can catch you out. Be on your gaurd!

Puella Callidissima

Really liked this test! Woww I'm gonna have to be on my guard tomorrow x

hiuu billy

Great test:)


Good luck!


wow! Awesome test. Some sneaky Qs in there! Thanks.

Elizabeth Scott

Very useful and great fun too

Alexandra Back

Some tricky words, but useful.  Thanks :)




I love latin! Its so fun! U are all geeks

Mami Emore

Great test, it makes you stop and think about the word :)


ugh, gonna fail tomorrow :( the test was great though, thanks

James Phillips

Great test, nearly as sneaky as my teacher's questions. One spelling mistake in 11. the verb is "proficiscor" as opposed to "profiscior". Just thought I'd point it out. Got my Paper 1 tomorrow morning, good luck to everyone!


Got a mock exam soon, this was very helpful! Thanks :)

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