Language Change

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1. What is amelioration?

  • taking on a more positive meaning
  • describing something unpleasant in a better way
  • taking on a more negative meaning
  • an old word that is no longer in general use
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2. What is prescriptivism?

  • an attitude to language that makes judgements about what is right and wrong
  • an attitude to language that sees English as improving its standard
  • an attitude to language that is much more recent
  • an attitude to language that gives spoken English the same status as written forms

3. What is a proprietary name?

  • the word changes its word class without adding a suffix
  • the name given to a product by one organisation becomes the commonly used term
  • introduction from one language to another
  • two words fuse together to make one

4. What was Howard Giles' theory about?

  • incorrectness view, ugliness view and impreciseness view
  • convergence and divergence
  • eye dialect
  • omission and assimilation

5. When did Samuel Johnson release his dictionary?

  • 1724
  • 1747
  • 1755
  • 1789


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