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2. What was the aim of standardisation?

  • so people can communicate effectively
  • so spoken English had the same status as written forms
  • so everyone in the world spoke English
  • so everyone could read and write

3. What was Howard Giles' theory about?

  • eye dialect
  • incorrectness view, ugliness view and impreciseness view
  • convergence and divergence
  • omission and assimilation

4. What were Jean Aitchison's three metaphors about people's worries about language change?

  • sunglass assumption, fairytale castle view, wet-hair syndrome
  • crumbling castle view, wet-hair syndrome, cat and dog syndrome
  • damp-spoon syndrome, crumbling castle view, infectious disease assumption
  • jewellery-box view, infectious disease syndrome, polaroid assumption

5. How has grammar been standardised?

  • printing, prescriptivism, grammar books
  • spell checkers, idioms, handwriting styles
  • through dictionaries
  • it hasn't


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