Language and Power Theories

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1. Which of these is a correct example of a face threatening act?

  • Taking notes in a lecture
  • Laughing as you are being told off
  • Listening to your teacher while they explain Goffman's theory
  • Nodding in agreement while having a conversation with your friends
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2. How many types of politeness are there?

  • 4
  • 3
  • 7
  • 2

3. Who and how is face maintained by?

  • The audience accepting the face that is being presented
  • The people around you who you speak to
  • The audience agreeing with what the person is saying
  • A friend who listens to what you are saying

4. Which type of theory is this? "no effort to minimise threat to the speaker is presented"

  • Negative Politeness
  • Polite Politeness
  • Bald On Record
  • Positive Politeness

5. Which of these did Fairclough say?

  • "Every use of language is a use of power, every discourse is a negotiation of power"
  • "Every use of language is a use of power, but not every discourse is a negotiation of power"
  • "Every discourse is a negotiation of power but only sometimes is all language a use of power"
  • "The CDA paradigm is not true"



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