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2. What is the face in the Face Theory?

  • How the way we look affects the people we are speaking to
  • The image that we present of ourselves to others
  • The way we look
  • That women have a better face then men

3. Which of these is a correct example of 'Off-Record Indirect Politeness'?

  • "Ooh! I want one of those!'
  • "I was wondering if..."
  • "I had tried to call, but there was no answer..."
  • "So, is it okay if I borrow one?"

4. Who and how is face maintained by?

  • A friend who listens to what you are saying
  • The audience accepting the face that is being presented
  • The audience agreeing with what the person is saying
  • The people around you who you speak to

5. How are the needs of face met?

  • Through positive and negative politeness
  • By ignoring the listener
  • Through the audience accepting what is being said
  • By being listened to




All I can say is WOW!:)

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