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2. Which of these is not one of John Dore's eight language functions

  • Requesting
  • Greeting
  • Protesting
  • Repeating
  • Answering
  • Questioning
  • Practising
  • Labeling
  • Calling

3. Which of these is not one of Halliday's seven language functions?

  • Interactional
  • Telegraphic
  • Representational
  • Heuristic
  • Instrumental
  • Regulatory
  • Imaginative
  • Personal

4. What is Berko's 'Wug' test theory?

  • Children are aware of the difference between spoken and written language
  • Children hear the correct usage of the plural inflection -s, so often that it was second nature to apply it to a noun they had never heard before
  • Parents point at something and ask a child to name it and this helps a child to develop their language
  • Children start to learn the range of meanings that a word might have

5. What are Rescorla's two types of overextension?

  • Packaged and singular
  • Heurological and telegraphical
  • Categorical and analogical
  • Labelled and coordinated


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