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2. Is the definition of invention the discovery of new processes and potensial new products, typically after a period of reseach?

  • True
  • False

3. the definition of calculated risk?

  • The probabilty of a negative event occuring
  • working out what will happen
  • The probability of a postive event occuring
  • getting a claculater out and adding all the revenue up

4. What is lateral thinking?

  • Thinking differently to try and find new and unexpected ideas
  • when your hungry
  • thing of old thing s and do expected ideas
  • thinking about dairy products

5. what can happen if anyone copies a patent?

  • getting taking to court and sued
  • money giving to them
  • reported to the police
  • attacked in the middle of the night
  • become famous




A brief but useful quiz with questions based on the Edexcel unit 1 GCSE exam. A good example of how students can help each other by taking different parts of the specification and testing each other.

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