King Lear Quotes

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Quotes on the Gods
"Thou, Nature, art my goddess" "He that parts us shall bring a brand from heaven" "God's defend her" "As flies to wanton boys are we t'the gods" "the gods are just, and of our pleasant vices/ Make instruments to plague us"
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Quotes on Fortune
"Fortune that arrant whore, ne'er turns the key to th' poor" "the wheel has come full circle"
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Quotes on Nothing
"Nothing, my lord" "Nothing will come of nothing" "Edgar I nothing am" "Is man no more than this?" "I am better than thou art now; I am a fool, thou art nothing"
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Quotes on Clothes
"Off-off! You lendings" "Furred gowns hide all" "a tailor made thee" "poor, bare, forked animal" "set not thy sweet heart on proud array"
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Quotes on Family
"Better thou had not been born than not t'have pleased me better" "my daughter; or rather a disease that's in my flesh" "those pelican daughters" "a credulous father and a brother noble"
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Quotes on Feudalism
"stand in the plague of custom The curiosity of nations to deprive me?" "Lear decides to dismantle that society and set up a competitive one in its place" - O'Flinn
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Quotes on Animals
"sing like birds in'th'cage" "poor bare forked animal" "pelican daughters" "most serpent-like" "Tigers not daughters" " a vulture" "boarish fangs" "hedge-sparrow" "animal images are used to give a clear insight into the characters
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Quotes on Sight and Blindness
"see better Lear" "so out went the candle and we were left darkling" "old fond eyes...I'll pluck ye out" "Lear's blindness was the direct reason behind his entire downfall and tragic death"- Allie Core
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Quotes on Madness
"Reason in madness" "When Lear is mad, what wouldst thou do, old man?" "O let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven!" "I am bound upon a wheel of fire" Lear's madness forces him to "shed his persona"-Dunckel
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Quotes on Suffering
"When we are born we cry that we are come To this great stage of fools" "bound Upon a wheel of fire" "scalded" "Burning shame" "O ruined piece of nature" "Howl, howl, howl, howl!"
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Quotes on Nature
"Thou Nature art my goddess" "I grow, I prosper" "unpublished virtues of the earth" "a wretch whom nature is ashamed" "wrench'd my frame of nature From the fix'd place" Adriana Diez quote
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Quotes on Justice
"Thou art a traitor: False to thy Gods, thy brother and thy father...a most toad spotted traitor" "The dark and vicious place where thee he got Cost him his eyes" "a man more sinned against than sinning" "the Gods are just" "like flies to
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Quotes on Fortune


"Fortune that arrant whore, ne'er turns the key to th' poor" "the wheel has come full circle"

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Quotes on Nothing


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