King Lear Key Quotes

DP - Lear uses this to allude to dividing the Kingdom, alarms Elizabethan audience
We shall express our darker purpose.
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WOYDLUTM - Lear introduces his trial of love between his daughters, incredibly vain.
Which of you doth love us the most.
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ES&L - Goneril's hyperbole and flattery
Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty
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SSM - Regan mimics Goneril's flattery
Of that same self metal.
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WSCSLABS - Cordelia's aside about how her love is real and cannot be expressed falsely like her sister's.
What shall Cordelia speak? Love and be silent
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NTSCON: Theme of nothing, repetitive between Cordelia and Lear.
Nothing shall come of nothing.
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BKU: Kent's bluntness and honesty in the face of Lear's rage at Cordelia's honesty.
Be Kent unmannerly (When Lear is mad)
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US/SNH: Regan and Goneril's condemning statements of Lear's age and character.
Unconstant starts, slenderly known himself.
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TNAMG: Edmund appeals to nature, its influence on his position.
Thou nature art my Goddess.
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BUWBBBBB- Edmund's distaste for his position and how people treat him.
Brand us with base, baseness, bastardy, base, base
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GSUFB: Edmund appealing to the God's for recognition.
Gods, stand up for bastards!
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LEITSMPNG: Gloucester's superstition of the future involving the sun and moon.
These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us.
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INBBHLBW: Edmund's ambition to usurp his brother as heir.
If not by birth, have lands by wit.
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WN: Goneril instructs Oswald to be disrespectful to Lear.
Weary negligence.
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TADMTK: The fool explains that telling the truth ends in punishment.
Truth's a dog must to kennel.
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NCBMON: Repeating nothing theme, Lear states this to the fool.
Nothing can be made of nothing.
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TCIMAGABP: The fool summarising Lear giving away his crown.
Thou closest thy crown in the middle and gave a way both parts.
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LS: The fool's response to Lear asking who can tell him who he is.
Lear's shadow
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STAST/TC: Serpent imagery of an ungrateful child, Lear's sadness.
Sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child.
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O!LMNBMSH: Lear appealing to the God's hoping to not turn mad.
O! Let me not be mad sweet heavens!
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LANB: Gloucester praises Edmund for his false loyalty.
Loyal and natural boy.
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TNMLAAN: Regan's spiteful punishment of Kent.
Till night my lord, and all night too.
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EINA: Edgar abandons his former self as he flees.
Edgar I nothing am.
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LGTHWAGWRD: Wheel imagery, how people stop caring when life spirals down.
Let go thy hold when a great wheel runs down.
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BWACYC: Lear commands the storm (wind) to do its worst to the world, destructive.
Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!
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SYSPIDOM: Lear realises what he is now, no longer a king but an old man.
Stand your slave, a poor, infirm, despised old man.
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IAMMSATS: How Lear has done wrong but is being overly screwed over now.
I am a man more sinned against than sinning.
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MSAU: Edmund pretends to be furious that Regan and Goneril haven't taken in Lear before the storm, just to appeal to Gloucester's loyalty.
Most savage and unnatural!
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YRODF: The rising of the young Edmund and fall of Gloucester.
Younger rises, the old doth fall.
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TIMM/TF: Lear talks about the storm in his mind. Microcosm
Tempest in my my mind doth from all my senses take feeling.
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TCNWTUTFAM: The storm will turn everyone into fools and madmen, Lear and the Fool. Self realisation
This cold night will turn us to food and madmen.
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TP/GA: Lear is talking to Edgar, or 'Poor Tom', links to Aristotle and cave analogy.
This philosopher, good Athenian.
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NGWTL: Edmund informs Cornwall of Gloucester's efforts to help Lear, betrays his father.
Nature gives way to loyalty.
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IDTPMBMB: The rude to pluck a man's beard, Gloucester states.
Ignobly done to pluck me by my beard.
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TCNPOHPOE/BF: Incredibly important and ironic statement from Gloucester protecting Lear, protecting Lear's eyes even though Gloucester actually loses his.
Thy cruel nails pluck out his poor old eyes. Boarish fangs.
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MLTB: Gloucester alludes to the chaos in the Kingdom, people leading others.
Madmen leading the blind.
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MATVS: Cordelia sees the madness that has taken over Lear.
Mad as the vexed sea.
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TTMIWE: Lear's realisation of how everyone flattered him, told him what he wanted to hear, his ignorance.
They told me I was everything, tis a lie, I am not argue-proof.
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WWAB,WC,GSOF: Lear's insightful comment of tears at the start of a life, it is a foreshadowing.
When we are born, we cry, great stage of fools.
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BUAWOF,TSLML: Wheel of fire imagery, destruction and Fortuna, as well as Lear's immense sadness.
Bound upon a wheel of fire, tears scold like molten lead.
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FFOM: Further self realisation from Lear, pathos, gains empathy.
Foolish fond old man.
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HHHH!: Lear finds out Cordelia's death, although he refuses to accept it
Howl, howl, howl, howl!
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Which of you doth love us the most.


WOYDLUTM - Lear introduces his trial of love between his daughters, incredibly vain.

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Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty


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Of that same self metal.


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What shall Cordelia speak? Love and be silent


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