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2. The walls of the proximal convoluted tubule are formed by _________

  • Cuboidal epithelial cells, which lack microvilli
  • two cell types: the principle cells with short microvilli and incalated cuboidal cells with abundant microvilli
  • Cuboidal epithelial cells, with luminal surfaces covered in dense microvilli
  • Simple squamous epithelium on the descending, and collumnar/cuboidal on the ascending

3. Pyelonephritis is

  • An infection of the whole kidney
  • An infection of the pelvis and calyces

4. The _______ supplies the nerve supply to the kidney and ureter

  • Renal plexus
  • Renal cortical radiate

5. Each nephron consists of the renal corpuscle and a renal ________

  • Tubule
  • Tunnel


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