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A smart phone is a phone which can perform functions other than what it was designed for.
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Multifunctional Phone
A phone which can function as a different device to what it actually is, E.g, several uses.
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A measurement of processor memory taken up on your computer.
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1027 MBs.
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A kilobyte is 100 Gigabytes.
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A Terabyte is 1000 Gigabytes.
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Peripheral Device
A peripheral device is a device that you can add on to your device, but is not neccessarily needed.
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Cloud Computing
Cloud computing, like an actual cloud storage, it many computers within one area which can all be used for the same or specific functions.
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GPS stands for Global Positioning System, in which a space-based satellite is used to be able to send data to your device.
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High definition multi-media interface. HDMI works with any devices which support it which means that it can connected to many different devices rather than just a particular device. It transfer uncompressed video data into compressed data for clarity
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A sensor is a device which can detect any form of movement or heat.
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Wirless Charging
With wireless charging, you use a device with no wires which uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy to the device which you are charging.
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Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP protocol allows you to access and view messages from more than one location through a server.
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Post Office Protocol. POP manages all emails sent from one location, compared to IMAP.
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Voice over internet protocol. Takes audio analogue signals and transfers them into data which can be transmitted over the internet.
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Online Application
An application which uses an online client, like Runescape.
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Data Protection act which was passed to protect data about you from anauthorised access or from people stealing it.
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Computer Misuse act. It was passed in order to prevent people from accessing your computer without permission.
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Credit Card
A credit card, unlike a debit card, allows you to buy goods immediately
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Debit Card
A debit card, unlike a credit card, is used for paying for goods immediately from money in your account.
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Multifunctional Phone


A phone which can function as a different device to what it actually is, E.g, several uses.

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