key words for critical thinking

a test on all of the key words i will need to know

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1. what is 'hypothetical reasoning'?

  • a claim in the form of... (if, then, given that, on the condition that, provided that,etc). It looks at the consequences if something were to happen
  • why the conclusion should happen
  • a fact or statistic
  • reasoning that would support a conclusion
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2. what is 'counter assertion'?

  • an animal hormone
  • a reason that would support an argument or more commonly, a statement... (on the other hand, contrary to this, some may argue that, it has been suggested that, despite this, it has been said, however, etc)
  • the current date
  • a fact or statistic

3. what is a 'conclusion'?

  • what you are trying to persuade people of
  • some hypothetical reasoning
  • a fact or statistic

4. what are 'inconsistencies'?

  • errors in the reasoning that don't add up
  • missing reasons
  • reasons why the conclusion should happen
  • reasons that would support the argument

5. what is 'reputation'?

  • having no particular side
  • a chance to see first hand what really happened
  • a person's prior behavior or character that affects the way we judge them
  • a doddington icecream flavour


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