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this means saying sorry and making up after an argument. it involves forgiving a person for what they have done.
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this means not having sex until you're married. many religions teach that sex belongs in a marriage and that it is important to remain sexually pure for marraige.
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this means being devoted and dedicated to someone. for example, maried couples show their commitment to one another by being faithful and not having an affaire.
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this means having a deep affection for someone, which is shown in different ways. for example for a religious believer it means thee is commitment in a relationship.
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these are things you are expectd to do. for example, parents have a duty to look after thier children.
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this means disagreement and quarrels that take place within a relationship. for example, financial difficulties or alcohol problems could lead to a breakdown in a married couples relationship.
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god is the ultimate being or supreme power. by this, christians mean he is the creator and sustainer of the world who is given worship
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it is somthing that points to or explains something else. for christians it could be a sign with a particular meaning e.g. the cross
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this means something shown or explained that was previusly hidden. religious believers use the word for the way god reveals himself to people, for example, through sacred text.
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it means completely overwhelmed by a sense of god's presence. for religious believers, it could be sense of wonder in relation to god's creation.
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a community is a group of people with something in common, for example, for christian people who pray and worship together in church.
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this is the belief that human existance continous after death. many religions have belief in heaven where sould go when the body dies.
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making something deliberatly for a purpose. most religions teach that the world was created by god for a purpose.
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being in charge of the world for god. some religion teach that god gave humans a responsibilty to manage the world on his behalf.
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this means caring for other human beings. most religions teach that it is expected that humans will care for eachother and show kindness to others.
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this is the part of humans that lives on after the body has died. some religions teach that there is a spiritual side of life that lives on beyond the physical death.
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this means to look after the world. most religions teach that humans have a god given responsibilty to look after the world.
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this is roght or power over others. for religious believers this could be a person such as a priest or teaching of sacred text.
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this means unfaireness. this may be equality of provision or opportunity or where human rights are ignored e.g. impronment without trial.
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this means being treated in the same way and not discriminated against. for religious believers, this is because all humans have been created in the image of god and therefore all deserve love and respect.
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this means judging another person before you know anything about them, or have any evidence. this could be because of their skin colour, race or religion.
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this means treating people differently because of race, gender, religion or class. for example, refusing to give somwone a job because of the colour of their skin and therefore failing to treat people as fellow human beings.
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this refers to whoyou are in terms of attitides, charactres and prsonality. each person is unique and created in the image of god.
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human dignitgy
this means treating all human beings with respect regardless of race, sex, or social position as god made every human being. it means considiration to others, and understanding that everyone has value even though their circumstances may be different.
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this means not having sex until you're married. many religions teach that sex belongs in a marriage and that it is important to remain sexually pure for marraige.

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