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2. Who Said: Children can only talk about something if they know the concept behind it?

  • Gentry
  • Bruner
  • Piaget
  • Chomsky

3. What was Chall's theory highlight?

  • Stages of Spelling development
  • Stages of Reading development
  • Stages of Speech Development
  • Stages of Writing development

4. What did Rothery say?

  • Children's understanding is more than their ability.
  • Children spell in different ways e.g phonetically.
  • Children write in different styles e.g Report and Recount.
  • Children read in different ways e.g with Graphology at first.

5. What does LASS stand for?

  • Language Acquisition Support System
  • Language And Supportive Speech
  • Language And Speech System
  • Language Acquisition Speech Support


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