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aron hakodesh
the ark- part of the synagogue containing torah scrolls
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bat chayil
celebrating of a girl coming of age at 12, in orthodox synagogues, literally means 'daughter of valour'
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bar mitzvah
celebration of a boy coming of age 13. literally 'son of the commandment'
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bat mitzvah
celebration of a girl coming 12, in reform synagogues. literally meaning 'daughter of commandment'
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bet din
religious court, made up of rabbis
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a platform in a synagogue from which the torah is read
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brit milah
circumsision; the removal of the foreskin for religious reasons
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chametz (leaven)
leavened foods, prohibited during the festival of pesach
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chazzan (cantor)
a person who leads the chants or prayers in the synagogue
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the covenant
gods agreement to look after the jews as his chosen people, subject to israels obedience
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days of repentance
the times when Jews say sorry for what they have done or failed to do
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to acr against someone on the basis of sex, race, religion, etc. discrimination is usually seen as wrong
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legal ending of a marriage
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that people should be given theb same rights and oppertunities regardkess of sex, religion, race, etc.
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a commentary on the mishnah which is part of the talmud
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text reading during the passover seder recounting the story of the exodus
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the code of conduct for jewish life
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a name used by many jews in ordinary conversation to refer to god
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the murder of six million jews (and others) during world war ii
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1. the ancient name for the jewish people. 2. the modern jewish country in the middle east. 3. literally means ' one who struggles with god'
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bringing about what is right, fair, according to the law or making up for a wrong that has been commited
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an important and central prayer in the jewish prayer service
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the third section of the tenakh - the writings
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a skull cap
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kol nidre
the opening prayer on the eve of yom kippur
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kosher (kasher)
foods which meet the jewish laws
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a legal union between a man and a woman
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the unleaven bread eaten at passover
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a seven-branched candlestick
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messianic age
when gods anointed one will come and lead the jews
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a scroll, containing the shemah
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a quorum of 10 men required for a service
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the first written version of the oral tradition; the authoritative document was put together in 200 c.e.
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Jewish rules or commandments
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ner tamid
a light kept burning in the synagogue - continual light
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the seconed section of the tenakh - the prophets
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the characteristic of god that he loves everybody (all-loving)
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the characteristic of god that he is all powerful
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the characteristic of god that he knows everything (all-knowing)
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orthodox jews
Jews who believe god gave the complete Torah to Moses and therefore live according to Jewish laws and traditions
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oppression or maltreatment of people because of their beliefs, race, religion
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pesach (passover)
festival in remembrance of the Jewish exodus from Egypt. celebrated in spring
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a journey by a Christian to a holy sight e.g. Lourdes. pilgrimage itself is an act of worship and devosion
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unfairly judging someone before the facts are known. holding biased opinions about an individual or group
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a number set down as the minimum amount needed before something can be done
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a religios leader and teacher
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one who redeems and saves from the consequences of sin. often used to describe god
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reform jews
jews who believe the torah was inspired by god and was developed through their history-therefore laws may be changed or adapted as modern life changes
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the correspondence of rabbis concerning religious decisions
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rosh hashanah
the jewish new year
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makes holy
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the cermonial dinner on the first night (or both bights) of passover (pesach)
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shabbat (shabbos)
holy day of the week; day of spiritual renewal beginning at sunset on Friday and continuing to nightfall on saturday
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jewish prayer affirming belief in the one god, found in the torah
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a rams horn, which is blown like a trumpet particularly during rosh hashana and yom kippur.
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star of david
this symbol is known as the magen David, literally 'sheild of David', and the star has 6 points which symbolises that god rules over the universe and protects us from all six directions: north, south, east, west, up and down
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building for jewish public prayer, study and gathering
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a prayer shawl
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commentary by the rabbis on the Torah-misnah and gemara together in one collection
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performed on the afternoon of rosh hashanah (the jewish new year). the previous years sins are simbolically 'cast off' by throwing peices of bread, or a similar food item, into flowing water,e.g. a river.
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small leather boxes containing extras from the Torah, strapped to believers' arms and foreheads for morning prayers
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the 24 books of the Jewish bible. Jewish scripture - Torah (law), nevi'im (writings) and ketuvim (prophets)
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ten commandments
a list of religious and moral rules that were given by god to Moses
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forbidden foods -means 'torn'
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1. the 5 books of Moses and first section of the tenakh- the law. 2. the whole of Jewish teaching
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western wall
the only part of the ancient temple of Herod remaining - Jews go to pray there - a place of pilgrimage
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yad vashem
a memorial to the holocaust victims in Jerusalem - means 'a memorial and a name'
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a college where the Torah and Talmud are studied
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yom kippur
the day of atonement- a day of fasting on the 10th day after rosh hashanah
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celebrating of a girl coming of age at 12, in orthodox synagogues, literally means 'daughter of valour'


bat chayil

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celebration of a boy coming of age 13. literally 'son of the commandment'


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celebration of a girl coming 12, in reform synagogues. literally meaning 'daughter of commandment'


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religious court, made up of rabbis


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