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the deliberate termination of a pregnancy, usually before the foetus is 24 weeks old
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prejudice towards jews
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artificial insemination
sperm is medically inserted into the vagina to assist pregnancy
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artificial insemination by donor (AID)
a reproductive technology in which semen is collected from an individual, not the husband, and introduced into the female in order to create a baby
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artificial insemination by husband (AIH)
a reproductive technology in which semen is collected from the husband and introduced into his wife in order to create a baby
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the study of ethical dilemmas brought on by the progress and use of science and medical technology
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statutes- laws for which no reason is given
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comunity service
a form of punnishment in which the criminal has to perform tasks useful to society, rather than going to prison
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looking after the environment and protecting animals
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the artificial and chemical methods used to prevent pregnancy taking place
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death penalty
form of punishment for wich a prisoner is put to death for crimes committed
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designer babies
babies whose characteristics may be selected by parents to avoid inherited weaknesses or to choose desired physical features
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to put people off comitting crimes. one of the aims of punishment
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the abolition of weapons
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legal ending of a marriage
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emergency aid
immediate assistance to deal with the aftermath of a disaster
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environmental conservation
looking after the natural resources of the planet by taking steps to conserve them
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inducing a painless death, by agreement and with compassion, to ease suffering. from the Greek meaning 'good death'
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fertility tratment
medical procedure that provides help to enable a woman to conceive a child
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a form of punishment in which an offender pays a sum of money
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to pardon people for something that they have done wrong. in biblical times, it is believed thatonly god could forgive sins
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genetic engineering
when an animals or humans genes are modified or manipulated
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attraction to someone of the same sex
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illegal drugs
drugs whose possession is against the law
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immortality of the soul
the idea that the soul lives on after death of the body
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when a person is put in jail for committing a crime
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in vitro fertillisation (ivf)
a procedure in which eggs are removed from a woman's ovaries and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory. the fertilised egg is then replaced into the woman's uterus
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god deciding about individual deeds; good and bad, and rewarding or punishing
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bringing about what is right, fair, according to the law or making up for a wrong that has been commited
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long term aid
assistance given to a poor country possibly over a long period of time that has a lasting effect
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a legal union between a man and a woman
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a ritual bath designed for the total immersion of people so that they might be cleansed
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judgement, laws for which reason is clear
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the laws of judaism
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nuclear war
a war in which participants use nuclear weapons
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the belief that violence and war is unnecessary and that there are other ways to resolve disputes
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unfairly judging someone before the facts are known
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prescribed drugs
drugs which are legal, obtained on written instruction of a dr
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to stop the criminal hurting anyone in society. an aim of punishment
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a statement or action as a reaction to events of situations. usually it is against something, although occassionally it can be in support
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that which is done to people because they have broken the law
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purpose of life
the goal of life and the reason for living
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quality of life
a measure of fulfilment
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when 2 people or groups of people who have disagreed or fought with each other make up
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to change someones behaviour for the better. an aim of punishment
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when people who have been married before, marry again
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if criminals commit a crime and are cought, their punishment should make up for the loss that the victim suffered as a result of that crime
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the belief that after death the body remains in the grave until the end of the world, when god will come to judge
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if people do something wrong then they should recieve a punishment that is fitting for the crime that they commited
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ritual cleansing
when a person undergoes a purifying ceremony, eg a woman bathes in a mikvah at the end of menstruation
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sanctity of life
life is sacred because it is god-given
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saviour siblings
a child concieved by IVF with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to save the life of an incurably ill sibling through the use of the core blood
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short term aid
goods and money sent to a disaster stricken country with the aim of rebuilding society
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a form of fertilisation treatment in which a womans egg is fertilised artificially by another womans partner or an embryo fro another couple is created through ivf and then implanted into the 'host' woman. the woman carries the baby throughout pregna
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10 commandments
a list of religious and moral rules that were authored by god and given to moses
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when groups use violence, or the threat of violence, to achieve their aims, rather than using the democratic process. the violence is often indiscriminate and intended to create an atmosphere of fear
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1) 5 boos of Moses and the first section of the tenakh-the law 2) the whole of jewish teaching
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doing righteous acts, giving to charity
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world jewish relief
British Jewish run charity to relieve poverty
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a college where the torah and talmud are studied
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acceptable behaviour contract. a contract made with a young person and their parent/carer to modify their behaviour
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active euthanasia
actively helping a person to die. this is unlawful in the uk, but is lawful in some countries
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to help or assist people in need, usually by gifts or money. most people think of this as donating to charities that provide help to the poor, particularly in the developing world
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animal experiments
using animals for scientific experiments in order to test medicines and other products
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anti social behaviour order. an order made by a court to restrict a persons behaviour
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bet din
religious court, made up of rabbis
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capital punishment
the taking of the life of a criminal as a punishment for the crime they committed. the death penalty
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sexual purity. not having sex before marriage
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conscientious objector
a person who refuses to fight in a war because their beliefs that war is wrong
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corporal punishment
inflicting pain on a person to punish them
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the settlement of jews in places other than israel
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a swiss charity organisation that supports assisted suicide
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to act against someone on the basis of sex, race, religion,etc. this is usually a negative action
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that people should be given the same rights and opportunities regardless of sex, religion, race, etc.
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a commentary on the mishnah which is part of the talmud
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a divorce document, presented by a husband to their ex wife on divorce in judaism
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global warming
the scientific concept that the world is getting warmer
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the code of conduct for jewish life
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the genocide of the jews (and others) during ww2
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howard league for penal reform
a charity that campaigns vigorously against capital punishment
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1)the ancient name for the jewish people 2)the modern Jewish country in the middle east 3)literally means 'one who struggles with god'
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the marriage contract between man and wife in judaism
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less echonomically developed countries are countries that havent reached western-style standards of living
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lethal injections
a method of capital puishment
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more economically developed countries are countries with higher standards of living that might be expected in the western world
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ozone layer
a layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere that absorbes most of the suns radiation; it is being destroyed by CFCs
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passive euthanasia
the withdrawal of life sustaining treatment. this is legal in the uk
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oppression or maltreatment of people because of their beliefs, race or religion
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harming the natural world by adding man made toxins
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when a person lives with a shortage of the basic necessities to have a responsible quality of life
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quality of life
how much a person gets out of life, a combination of physical and mental factors
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a religious leader and teacher
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a group of people with the same ethnic background
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the act of reusing substances to save waste and help the environment
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building for jewish public prayer
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British Jewish run charity to relieve poverty
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surgery constructed on a living animal
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world poverty
the idea that the majority of the world's population actually live in conditions of extreme need or hardship
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prejudice towards jews



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sperm is medically inserted into the vagina to assist pregnancy


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a reproductive technology in which semen is collected from an individual, not the husband, and introduced into the female in order to create a baby


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a reproductive technology in which semen is collected from the husband and introduced into his wife in order to create a baby


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