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Define Interception
when some precipitation lands of vegetation and other strucutres before it reaches the soil. Creates a significant store of water in wooded areas. It is only temporary - water evaporates quick
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Define Vegetation Storage
water taken by plants
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Define surface storage
Water in puddles ponds and lakes
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Define Groundwater storage
water stored in either soil or rock
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Define Channel storage
water held in channel
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Define Surface runoff
water flowing overland
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Deifne throughfall
Water dripping from one leaf to another
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Define Stemflow
Water running down plant steam or tree
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Define throughflow
water moving slowly downhill through soil
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Define Infiltration
water soaking into soil
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Define Percolation
Water seeping down through soil into water table
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Groundwater flow
Water flowing slowly below watertable through permaeble rock
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Groundwater flow that feeds into river through banks
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water flowing downhilll through rock
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Define Vegetation Storage


water taken by plants

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Define surface storage


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Define Groundwater storage


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Define Channel storage


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