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2. What was the Dawes Plan?

  • America lent money to German industry.
  • Hindenburg's plan to control Hitler.
  • The military strategy during WW1.
  • Lowered the total sum of reparations to be paid.

3. Who was Von Papen?

  • Bavarian leader.
  • One of the "Three Chancellors".
  • Initial leader of the Nazi Party.
  • Foreign Minister from 1924.

4. What was Article 48?

  • Part of the Enabling Act.
  • Legal loophole allowing the President to dictate laws.
  • One of Hitler's demands as part of the Munich Putsch.
  • The war guilt clause.

5. Who were the "The November Criminals"?

  • The three Chancellors.
  • The people that signed the November Armistice.
  • Those that were part of the Munich Putsch.
  • Members of the SS who took part in the Night of the Long Knives.


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