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Churchill had served in India when?
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When was he colonial secretary?
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How did Churchill see India?
"Jewel in the Crown"
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Where was this illustrated?
In 'My Early life'
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What was Churchill against?
The Round table conferences with Indian congress Party with Mahatama Gandhi
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When did the Round table confence take place?
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What party was against Indian Independence?
Indian Empire Society
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who had supported the India Defence League?
The Daily mail, The morning post and 57 MPs
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what did Churchill argue would happen if India had independence with lanchashire?
The cotton workers would suffer becuase it would mean restrictions on imports
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What was the alternative to independence?
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What did the Government of India act 1935 create?
A federal government with India running internal affairs but under British control
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What happened in 1935, What did Randolph Churchill do?
He stood as anti independence candidate in a by election
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what happened when the Viceroy declared war in 1939?
the Congress party was not consulted
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What did they demand?
A post war constitution, Britain refused so congress party members resigned.
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Whar indicated commitment to democracy?
The Atlantic charter 1941
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What happened in 1942 when India was threatened by Japan?
Consessions became inevitable to get congress party back on side and Keep Us happy
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What did Atlee propose?
A post- War constitution
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What did Churchill reluctantly do?
Agree to leading labour figure, Sir Stafford Chips, going to India to discuss future but Churchill rejected his findings of Indian control of defence resulting in a 'quit india campaign'
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What happened to the Congress party?
It was outlawed and civil disobedience increased eg: refusal to pay 'salt tax
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What was the result of the Bengal famine?
3 million deaths
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When was the Bengal famine?
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What happened in 1947?
There was an indian civil war which split India and Pakistan
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what did Churchill believe i?
'A white mans burden'
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What did Churchill fear
Religous conflict between Hindus and Muslims
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What had ended in 1932?
The ten year rule
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What did Churchill start warning against?
German rearmament from November 1932 and said it would lead to expansion
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In 1935 Churchill was unsure of Hitler What quotes was he famous to show support of Hitler?
'Restore peace and honour to the German nation'
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Why did Churchill never meet Hitler?
He disliked his anti-semitism so never met
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Churchill often scare mongered but what numbers did he say the Luftwaffe would be?
3000 per year from 35
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How many Lutwaffe were there actually?
4000 by 1939
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When did German rearmament begin?
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In 1933 what did Churchill oppose?
An internation disarmament conference to reduce British and French arms to German levels-said it would lead to war
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What didnt Churchill demand action over?
Italian invasion of Abyssinia 1935, German remilitarization of the Rhineland, 1936 and Anschluss with Austria 1938
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Who else was against appeasement?
Ernest bevin
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why didnt he work with Churchill?
due to past differences eg:1926 General strike
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What did Churchill urge in 1935?
GB was vulunerable to German aircraft and urged a build up of RAF
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What treaty did Churchill oppose in 1935?
The Anglo- German Naval treaty
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What did this allow?
The German navy to build up to one third of GB's navy
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What did Churchill favour in 1938?
A grand alliance
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Why wouldn't this happen with USSR?
they had signed a non agression pact with Germany
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Why else was Grand alliance not practical?
US-isolationist, USSR- massive economic and social change and France divided over issure
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Why else couldn't britain go to war in 1938?
They had just come out of the Great depression
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What was Churchill's focus before WW2?
focus on air defences
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Why couldn't Britain go to war over Czechoslovakia?
It is land locked
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What did Churchill wish Chamberlain?
"God speed"
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Who were other anti-appeasers?
Anthony Eden, Evening Standard and Daily telegraphs
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In August 1939, What did Churchill write?
The french front can not be suprised
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