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2. Who conducted a study on a small group of Muslim girls and discovered that they integrate Islam within their British identity?

  • Charlotte Butler
  • Helen Skelton
  • Frank Furedi
  • Marie Gillespie

3. What studied was conducted on a small group of deprived boys from the North East and learnt that intimidatory tactics can discipline 'macho' boys?

  • 'Schooling the Boys' by Helen Skelton
  • 'Peer Power' by Adler and Adler
  • 'Muslim Girls' by Charlotte Butler
  • 'Canteen Culture' by Waddington

4. Rules of behaviour which support the values of a specific culture?

  • Customs
  • Status
  • Norms
  • Shared meanings

5. The process of people producing meanings to build up a shared understanding of the world?

  • Values
  • Shared meanings
  • Customs
  • Norms


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