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Cultural deprivation
Lacking the basic cultural equipment, e.g. language, self discipline and reasoning skills
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Believing in fate- 'whatever will be, will be', regardless of how we try
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To the Marxist Althusser, the education system is an (3 words) which controls people's ideas, values and beliefs
Ideological state apparatus (ISA)
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To attach a meaning or definition to someone
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The process which involves pupils moving towards one of two opposite poles/extremes, due to streaming
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Sure Start
A nationwide programme used by the government since 2000 to tackle poverty and social exclusion by working with parents to promote child development
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Ball claims that marketisation makes it seem that (1 word) is created, where parents have a free choice of school
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A curriculum which favours white British culture, including their art, history, language etc, while disregarding that of others
Ethnocentric curriculum
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Correspondence principle
Refers to how the mechanics of education are parallel to those in the workplace
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The way male pupils and teachers regard girls as sexual objects to be judged on appearances
Male gaze
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Hegemonic masculinity
Bob Donnell described the dominance of heterosexual masculine identities and subordination of female and gay identities as this.
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The overt racists
Teachers that actively discriminate against 'inferior' black pupils
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Will Bartlett argues that schools do this- select high ability pupils that gain the best results at the least expense
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A policy designed to undermine cultural deprivation through giving schools and communities extra resources in deprived areas
Compensatory education
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The policy of introducing market forces into the education system, commenced by the 1988 Education Reform Act
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Prioritising belonging to a group over educational success
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The tiny minority of isolated black boys disconnected from school and black subcultures, despised by the rebels (identified by Sewell)
The retreatists
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Bowles and Gintis- used this term to describe how meritocracy is an ideology that indoctrinates us into believing everyone has equal opportunities and unequal rewards are natural and inevitable
Myth of meritocracy
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Privileged-skilled choosers
Mainly professional middle-class parents who utilise economic and cultural capital to gain educational capital for their children
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The Dads and Sons campaign
A policy to improve the achievement of boys through encouraging fathers to contribute more
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Involves children being separated into groups on the basis of ability and being taught in different ways than for other groups
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Naima Browne and Carol Ross- the practices that boys and girls deem as male/female territory, relevant for them
Gender domains
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Social solidarity
Society's individual members feeling like part of the community/'body'
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The nonselective education system in which all children attend the same type of secondary school, going to one in their area
Comprehensive system
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Discrimination built into the way schools and colleges run
Institutional racism
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Believing in fate- 'whatever will be, will be', regardless of how we try

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Ideological state apparatus (ISA)


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To attach a meaning or definition to someone


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