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social solidarity- bring society together, functional prerequisite. passes down core values
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Davis and Moore
role allocation - best ability - all roles must be filled by those best able to perform them
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secondary socialisation & meritocracy. work hard, get good grades. education is a key component of the social body. heart is integral to functioning of human body. creating universalistic values.
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new right
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James Callaghan
"Great debate" on education. 1976. unemployment rising and britains economy was declining. education fails to produce young people with skills
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chubb and moe
consumer choice, removing state funding. means schools recieve money depending on the amount of pupils they have.
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conservative view -
marketisation and the new right. some people are naturally more talented than others. favour based on meritocratic system. current eeucation system doesnt provide this as it is run by the state "one size fits all."
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Gerwitz and Ball
M/c benefit from competition and consumer choice as middle class use cultural and economic capital to gain access to more desirable schools.
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bowles and gintis
correspondence principle -schooling corresponds to future roles. both contain heirarchies and alienation of workers. extrinsic satisfaction, fragmentatin, competition and various levels of success.
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Althusser 1972
ideological state apparatus, institution needed to make passive workers. cultural reproduction. false class consciousness.
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paul willis- learning to labour. w/c see through all of this but lost faith in the system.the lads counter culture prevents them from academic success. and end up in dead end jobs.
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Morrow and Torres
criticise Marxist for taking a class first approach. inequalities like ethnicity, gender, sexuality are just as important.
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learners acquire specific knowledge on the job or in work life situations. functionalists teach individual skills so they perform role in division of labour
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Evaluation of vocationalism
Marxist- serves needs of capitalism. Phil Cohen- YTS teaches attitudes of a subordinate workforce. Carol Buswell- gender division girls accept jobs in traditional roles like retail work.
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Swann Report 1985
ethnicity. found socio-economic factors more important
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Moodood et al
ethnicity. Pakistani's and Bangladeshis and Afro-carribeans were least qualified whereas asians, and chinese do better than whites.
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sutton trust
leading schools - 3% of intake were on free school meals.compared to 14.5 % at normal schools.
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cultural capital- m/c parents have cultural capital and so do their children
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gerwitz -
marketisation - skilled choosers, disconnected skilled choosers, semi-skilled choosers. m/c privilledged skilled choosers and have capital and financial capital to move closer to schools
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material deprivation is central to whether pupils stay on at school beyond 16
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language codes. restricted code- limited vocabulary. ellaborated code- conceptual, complex vocabulary.
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class differences- relationship between poor quality housing. Harker- less space to play meant a restricted cogntive development
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material deprivation - costs like school, books, computers, uniform and transport places a burden on poor families. 20% of those eligible for FSM dont take up entitlement due to stigma.
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JWB douglas 1964
m/c gave greater attention to children's education than w/c. w/c are culturally deprived.
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immediate and deferred gratification - w/c more likely to leave school early and get a job at young age. present time orientation-no long term goals.
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mitsos and browne
gender. women movement raised girls expectations. sue sharpe "just like a girl" girls are motivated and organised. girls more mature at 16 benefit from GCSE/ A level coursework.
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mirza 1997
negative labelling did not lead to low self-esteem. black girls had positive images.
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driver and ballard 1981
family life-asian close knit families mean they do well, single parent families in Afro-carribeans is significant
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afro-carribean take large interest in families and send them to saturday schools
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asians are high achievers as they are resistant. blacks are less cohesive and less resistant.
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smith and tomlinson 1989
class background was more important. Pakistani, bangladeshi, afro-carribean groups more likely to be in lower class positions
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blacks culture dont match up to the values needed. w/c and ethnic minorities deprived of values
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gillborn and mirza
social class dont override ethnicities. when comparing same social classes we still find differences.M/c blacks do poorly at GCSE.
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looking at applications. "Evans" and Patel" the white applicant is favoured by employers.
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setting and streaming in grammar schools. lower streams tend to see themselves as not as bright
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social solidarity- bring society together, functional prerequisite. passes down core values

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