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A recognised standard of award leading on to a higher learning level
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Aerobic exercise
Exercise carried out using a supply of oxygen
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Shaped to reduce the drag of air passing over it
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Small air sacs in the lungs where gaseous exchange takes place
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The ability to use both hands with equal levels of skill
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A basic single signal, usually transmitted and received by an aerial
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The muscle that relaxes to allow a movement to take place
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A policy separating groups, especially because of race or colour
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Fearful about the future
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A moveable joint between inflexible parts of the body
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Athlete's foot
A fungal infection between the toes
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Basal metabolic rate
The minimum rate of energy required to keep all of the life processes of the body maintained when it is at rest
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Designed for a particular individual
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Blood pressure
The force of the circulating blood on the walls of arteries
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Body composition
The percentage of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone
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Body image
A personal concept of your own physical appearance
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Not using or dealing with something, as a protest
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Inflammation of the air passages between the nose and the lungs
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A free passage into the next round of a knockout
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A unit that measures heat or energy production in the body
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A test of your ability or resources in demanding situations
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Relating to the weather or particular weather conditions
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An activity that involves some form of contest, rivalry or game
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When the muscle shortens (it also tends to bulge such as biceps in the arm)
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Linking with other subjects taught in school
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The ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society
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The rapid loss of water from the body
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Deja vu
Where a performance action is replayed back on a time delay to enable the performer to review it constantly
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Devoted or dedicated to
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High-quality images and sounds that are converted into a digital signal with several stations at the same time
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Enlarged, expanded or widened
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When the muscle gradually lengthens and returns to its normal length and shape
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Economic wellbeing
Having sufficient income for basic necessities
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Giving approval or support to something
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Relating to horseback riding or horseback riders
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Something that is fair, just as impartial
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Relating to a group of people with a common national or cultural tradition
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The unwritten rules or conventions of any activity
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The government department that is in charge of the public revenues, also known as the treasury
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A particularly good example or model of how something should be performed
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Activity that requires physical or mental exertion, especially when performed to develop or maintain fitness
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An activity that takes place out of timetabled lessons, such as lunchtimes and afterschools
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Extrinsic reward
Something that is done for a particular reward that is visible to others
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To eat only certain types of food or reduce intake of food
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Information received as a basis for improvement
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Frequency, intensity, time are ways to make the body work harder
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Good health or good condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition
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The range of movement around a joint
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Gaseous exchange
The process where oxygen is taken in from the air and exchanged for carbon dioxide
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The particular sex of an individual
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General fitness
A state of general good health and to be able to carry out activities at a relatively low level
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The form of carbohydrate storage, which is converted into glucose as needed by the body to satisfy its energy needs
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A good relationship and popularity
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Heart rate
The nu,ber of times your heart beats in one minute, which is one contraction and relaxation of the heart
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A head covering that must be worn in public by some Muslim women
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A policy that no one should experience barriers to learning as a result of their disability, heritage, gender, special educational needs, ethnicity, social group, sexual orientations, race or culture
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Something that you are born with
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The end of the muscle attached to the bone which moves
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Being able to motivate and fill someone with the urge to do something
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Intercostal muscles
Abdominal muscles between the ribs which assist in the process of breathing
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Intrinsic reward
Something that gives a person an individual or internal satisfaction derived from doing something well
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A connection point between two bones where movement occurs
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Protective hockey footwear that fits on over boots
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Knowledge of performance
This relates to how well the performance was carried out rather than just the end result
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Knowledge of results
This is a form of terminal feedback at the end of a performance and could be as simple as winning or losing
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Lactic acid
A mild poison and waste product of anareobic respiration
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The aspect of the land characteristic of a particular region
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The number of times each set of stations is performed
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Legacy commitment
A plan to harness the enthusiasm generated by the London 2012 Olympic games and to ensure that it continues
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Laws, rules or regulations that are legally enforced
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Leisure Industry
Any provider that provides opportunities for people in their available leisure time
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Local Muscular Fatigue
When a muscle or group of muscles is unable to carry on contracting and movement stops
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The badge or emblem that a company uses as the representation of the company name
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Low impact
Not strenuous with little or no impact on the joints
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Maximal strength
The greatest amount of weight that can be lifted in one go
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The various forms of mass communication, such as radio, TV and the press
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Media pressure
The way the media may hound or intrude upon individuals
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Influential, trusted and experienced advisors
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The whole rate of biochemical processes that occur within us
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Maximum heart rate (220 - age)
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Minority sports
Lesser known sports with the lower participation levels
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You drive to succeed and desire and energy to achieve something
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Movement time
How quickly a performer can carry out an actual movement
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Muscle tone
Where tension remains in a muscle, even when it is at rest
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The system or arrangement of muscles in the body
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The substances that make up food
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Open sport
An activity that allows both amateurs and professionals to compete together
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The end of the muscle attached to a fixed bone
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Making the body work harder than normal in order to improve it
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The kneecap
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Pay per view
Where you pay for and watch one specific event or broadcast at a time
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At your very best - the best prepared period for you to be able to play
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Peer group
People of the same age and status as you
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Peer group pressure
Where the peer group will attempt to persuade an individual to follow their lead
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Performance enhancing drugs
A type of unlawful drug that can help to improve sporting performance
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The different parts of a training programme
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The functions and processes of a persons body
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The form, size and development of a persons body
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Where progress seems to halt without a training programme and it takes some time to move on to the next level
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The combination of speed and strength
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Exercise carried out using a supply of oxygen


Aerobic exercise

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Shaped to reduce the drag of air passing over it


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Small air sacs in the lungs where gaseous exchange takes place


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The ability to use both hands with equal levels of skill


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